Peach wine,pumpkins and going nuts

Into Autumn and we’re still harvesting and preserving. First we picked leaves for peach wine and Guignolet (a cherry liqueur). You soak the leaves in wine for 2 weeks then strain and add eau de vie (distilled alcohol) and sugar and bottle up for yummy aperitifs by Christmas.

Pumpkins are the veg of the moment and we love them – roasted , added to curries and used in soups they bring a great taste to so many meals. We’ve also been preparing garlic – we separate the cloves, soak them in water so they are easy to skin (a tip from our chimney sweep) and then we put them in coffee jars – fill up with olive oil and you have garlic ready to use whenever you need it.


We had 3 great American boys with us on a helpx homestay and they helped us with the walnut and chestnut harvesting. Walnuts have been dried in batches – we just put them in a roasting tin and leave on the kitchen Godin (our French version of an Aga). The chestnuts are boiled, peeled and then some have been made into purée (I used it in an ice cream recipe) and the rest frozen for using in cooking – home made chestnut stuffing for Christmas

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