UK through French eyes

I haven’t posted here for a while as we have been away with our French neighbours who have been a great support to us since we arrived and have shared many tips for living life in the French countryside. Annie and Christien were dairy farmers all their lives and so holidays have never been on the agenda. Now they have retired and encouraged by their children they are planning to spread their wings so when we suggested a trip to the UK they were more than ready to leave the Lot-et-Garonne for the first time.

I see no ships Petanque à l'anglais Robin Hood's Bay
I see no ships
Petanque à l’anglais
They loved the tiny cottages

We agreed that we would take a few provisions – home made jam for breakfast for example but when we arrived to pick them up Annie had enough paté, jambon roulé, rillettes and saucisson to feed an army. We were very glad of it all on our picnics but we still planned to introduce them to some English specialties. They tasted local beers, had pie and mash in York, fish and chips in Pickering and afternoon tea in the Yorkshire Dales. Home made lemon curd was a revelation – it always amazes me that our French friends who make jam from everything and anything and who have glorious lemon trees don’t make a conserve of lemons.They tasted a range of cheeses and of course one day had a traditional English breakfast.

fish and chips Christien eats fish and chips Afternoon tea
Annie doesn’t look too sure
Christian eats his mushy peas
Afternoon tea Annie’s favourite

The Yorkshire weather was glorious and the scenery breathtaking – I think Annie and Christien thought they were going to Siberia as they had packed for antarctic conditions but we hardly needed our winter warmers. They were fascinated by the farming landscape, amazed at how green everywhere was, charmed by the architecture and the tough Yorkshire stone so different from the mellow golden stone used here. It was an absolute delight to show them our heritage and we were pleased to be able to start them on what I hope will be an adventure packed retirement!

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