Going to the big city

On Thursday I had to go to Bordeaux to the hospital where I am having teeth implant treatment (that’s another story). I’m always loathe to leave the house on the hill and drive myself to the big city. I do know the route well now though and feel rather proud of myself as I deal with the traffic and head towards the centre. I do have to keep my wits about me – as in any city the residents nip in and out and forget there may be poor country peasants up for the day!

I head down the Boulevards – I try to remember to stay on the left so that I can use the subways and miss the traffic lights – hey I am driving like a native! Now to turn left and I’m nearly there – mais quel horreur – the road is closed!!!!!!! I feel a short moment of panic then set of to drive around the block – let’s hope my sense of direction doesn’t desert me as the Déviation signs stop after the first left turn! Bravo – I’ve done it – what a relief – and the icing on the cake I drive into a parking space at the hospital where people are usually parked 3 deep.

So treatment over I head home – the round the block works fine again but it’s late in the afternoon and everyone is heading home – I am stuck in the traffic.

What a bonus this turns out to be – a chance to look at the great buildings with their amazing doors,wrought iron balconies and wonderful stone work. Can you believe how many chemists and insurance agents and bakers and flower shops there are in France? I pass a serene half hour – this is being stuck in a traffic jam like never before – is its because there is so much to see? Is it because I am just not stressed living here? I watch the cyclists weaving in and out carefully maneuvering their handle bars around the cars. I smile at the young lovers. l wonder what is in the mysterious packages I see people leaving shops with. I chuckle at the students fooling around as they wait for the bus. In fact I have a great time!

Balcony in Bordeaux architecture Bordeaux

I finally leave the city and find myself on the A62 – ‘our’ autoroute which takes me away through the vines in the evening sunshine, past the last few fields of sunflowers and back to the house on the hill.

Find out more about Bordeaux here – it’s a really lovely city – even better when you aren’t going there to visit the dentist!

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  1. Hypnosisjen

    Lovely description of my part of the world too. Be interested in the teeth implant story. Jenn

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