Leaving on a jet plane

This afternoon I am going to the UK to stay with my son and daughter-in-law for a week. I love this place but I am glad to be getting a rest from the gardening chores and of course I will be seeing my granddaughter who is just 12 weeks old. I am flying Ryanair so I’d better use the loo before I board in case their wee new charge has started!

Bethany Here she is – our little star!

I am as merry as a grig* about the trip as I will be at the Smithfield Nocturne run by my son’s company and then with my daughter and DIL am off to the theatre to see Chicago! Can’t remember when I last went to a show in the West End – as I’m really a French paysanne now it’s so exciting.

*grig – great word I got from http://wordsmith.org/

1. A cricket or grasshopper.
2. A small or young eel.
3. A lively or lighthearted person.

The word is often used in the phrase “merry as a grig”. The word is of uncertain origin, though various theories have been suggested, such as a corruption of “merry as a cricket” or “merry as a Greek”, as in Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida: “Then she’s a merry Greek indeed.”

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