Permaculture – perhaps!

Why perhaps? – because we aren’t quite sure what we are doing! We became interested in permaculture just over a year ago as our nephew and his wife have been building a permaculture garden for a few years.

What have we done so far?

  • We started last summer by repositioning the compost area and building three new bins.
  • We also moved the hens back to the potager (veg garden) as they are an important part of the system. We have to fence them in as our own dogs chase them or they roam too far and are spotted by a passing fox but we have designed a fence that we can take down and erect in abour 40 minutes so that we can place them strategically around the plot. Next winter we shall have them on the raised beds when they are empty so they can scratch about and fertilise them
  • We created raised beds in half of the area – layer pf paper, roted compost from our neighbouring dairy farm
  • We added our own compost in the Spring
  • We started to plant

How’s it going?

We learned that our raised bed mixture was too heavy for seeds. All the plants that we put in are doing very well

Watch this space!

compost hens tomatoes

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