Tractor sings the blues

The Massey Ferguson has been in the doldrums. It seemed to have taken up permanent residence in front of the house and refused to start. It is always a tricky starter – likes to be coaxed a little – but it has been sulking completely for some time. The Massey has been of interest to our neighbour since we bought it – he loves old tractors and every time he sees Kevin he asks after the tractor (not always after me I might add!). On hearing that the tractor was singing the blues he was round here toute de suite for the first of several deep discussions around the old girl.

Final Check Getting going Happiness is a working tractor!
Final check Getting going Happiness is a working tractor

After draining and greasing and cleaning and more discussing she started to respond to all this male attention and finally she decided to play ball and fired up a treat. She’s been in a good mood for a few days now an d has cut the children’s play area really well – but you never know she can be fickle as I’ve said so I’ll keep you posted.

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