Trip to the UK

Just came back from a week in the UK. I wanted to go to help out with one daughter who has a one year old and one daughter-in-law who is expecting her first child. I hope I was useful!! – did a kitchen cupboard sort for one ( dream job for a Virgo!!!) – and was happy to report that she didn’t need to buy any Coconut milk for some time!!! Then cupboard painting at stop #2 for the new baby’s room – so that was a job I was happy to do. Some shopping to buy grandson’s first shoes and take Mothercare by storm – lovely!

Thanks for the shoes Grandma! Did we forget anything?

What I enjoy when go back to the UK

Seeing the family and friends
Eating chinese and Indian food

What I don’t like so much

Too many people all in a hurry.
Prices in restaurants – £3 /£4.50 for a GLASS of wine makes me dream of a bottle of Beregerac!!!
The train service.
Poor service in shops.
Lack of politeness generally.

Of couse I love coming home to the peace and quiet, the views , the dogs and the other half – France is truly my home!

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