Pyrenées in the snow.

Although I have been mountain walking throughout my life I have never been to the mountains in winter when it is really snowy. We have a group of friends (4 French couples and us) who all like walking and for the last few years we have been walking in the Pyrenées in October. This year we decided to go a second time in January and I was so excited to be going to the mountains in winter.

We are not skiers but neither are half the group so there was a programme for everyone. We arrived Sunday evening and I had my first glimpse of the snowy peaks and the frozen lake. Monday of went the skiers and four of us went for 4 hour walk starting at the ski station, walking down through the pine trees and by the Husky dogs kennels and back up again. Glorious – sunny and snowy!!

Enid happy in the snow! and a very smiley Kevin.

During the evening the snow stated to fall – beautiful. The next day the skiers chickened out and joined us for a walk in snow shoes – a first for everyone. But first we had to get up to the ski station – time for those snow chains.

snow chains

How many men does it take to put on a snow chain – 2 French men and an English man!!!!

It was very cold so we all made sure we had the proper kit!
snow shoes Kevin snow
– Kevin looks like he’s setting off for the North Pole instead of a few hours walk in raquettes.

The walk in snow shoes was great until the last half hour when we had to go up a very steep slope – I froze and everyone had to help me – I still kept falling over! I think I’ll stick to walking in future.

We always eat very well each evening after our day on the mountain and this trip no exception. Kevin made a great curry, Marie-Ange gave us a veal stew and Nadine organised a crêpe evening – and as we were there on Jan 6th we had the famous Galette de rois!

pancakes curry galette

And after supper?

scrabble solitaire

The next day a walk round the lake and then home – driving through the Winter Wonderland was a gorgeous end to the holiday.

lake drive

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