Summer is hopefully on its way.

The time has arrived again for me to sit down and tell you all my news.  Where do I start?!!  Whilst England has been having lots of snow, here in the south-west part of france we have been having lots of rain, however next week they promise us warmer weather and sunshine.  There is a definite feeling of spring in the air, despite all the rain we have had as the plants and bulbs are starting to come to life and pop there heads up.  Andrew has been busy in the poly tunnel planting seeds and its nice to see them growing in to plants.



we all had a very quite christmas and new year here at Peyrenegre but enjoyed our first one here in our new home.  I managed to get out of preparing the christmas dinner this year as my finger was still broken, so it fell to my mum and Andrew to cook the feast.  The good news is my finger is now mended and I have almost full movement back.  I have also managed to start rinding my horse again.


We have been busy over the past few months with the ongoing work and changes that we are making here at Peyrenegre, all improvements that we hope will make people enjoy their holiday experience here even better and be like a home from home.


Les Etables and also Les Hirondelles have had extra work surface area put in and also ment that more shelving has been added to make more storage for food ect.


 Les Etables.

I have also had the laundry room updated and I am sure it will make a high difference to me and also our guests.




We also made the decision to get rid of the gym room and turn it in to a children’s play room, it has lots of books, board games, a tv to watch dvds on or play on the Wii and also there is a 4 in 1 games set so you can play baby foot, snooker, table tennis and ice hockey.  We have however kept the sauna and also the hot tub as they seem very popular here.  It will mean that should there be a day while you are here on holiday the sun is not shinning the children will have somewhere to escape to and play.  The great thing about it is that its opposite the gites.




Also after expanding the vegetable patch for the growth of more vegetables we had decided to fence the play area to make a secure and safe area for everyone to play in, there will be the swings, badminton and trampoline down there.



 Work in progress.



 Play area all finished.



The stables have finally been finished with some very smart post and rail fencing that we have had put around the block.


The post and rail fencing that has gone up around the stables has ment that the chickens now have a larger area as we have expaded them around the back of the stables, they are delighted with there new area.  We also have two new arrivals to our bunch of hens they arrived before christmas and are settling in well.

 The new arrivals.

Work on the swimming pool is finally complete and the new pool surround looks fantastic, it has really opened the space up and will make walking around the pool more comfortable.  No more little stones!!

  The new look at the pool.

Andrew and I grabbing a week away next week to england to visit his parents, a rest well earned.  Before the  busy season starts.  We do still have a few weeks to fill in July so If you want to have a peaceful holiday in france then why not give us a try.  If you fancy a holiday in June then why not take me up on our 10 % offer that we have on.

When we return from england we have found some one that has a breed of chicken that I like so Andrew has said that he will hatch out some fertile eggs for me in his incubator, so yes that means chicks will be arriving at Peyrenegre at the end of May.  We will keep a few of the hens and the ones that are surplus will be sold!

There will also be some ducks arriving at Peyrenegre, andrew has made them a lovely enclosure and duck house tucked away at the end of our garden so you never know there may ducklings about as well.

Anyway ill try and blog again soon

Au revoir for now


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