Its been awhile since I wrote my first blog. So I thought it was time to fill everyone in one whats been going on at Peyrenegre.

It has been awhile since I wrote by first blog and I feel its time I sat down and tried to write another.  It will however take a few days to do it as I broke my finger last weekend when I was bringing my horse in from the field a gun was fired and he decided to bolt.  Resulting in me spending the evening in Marmande hospital waiting for x-rays and for it to be bandaged up with a splint.  I go back soon to have it checked and I hope it is on the mend, I miss been able to ride and you forget how much you depend on the use of both hands.  So anyway here goes.

So whats been happening since the last of our guests left us in October?

We had the planning permission come through at  the begging of September so we had the Stables put up for the horses so that they could then start to come in at night when the clocks changed.  They are very pleased with there 5 star accommodation and love it.


Our new stables.   5 star accommodation.


We have also made the decision to revamp the swimming pool area and get rid of all the stones and replace them with pool slabs.  This will open up the space at the pool area and also make it easier walking around the pool and moving your sun loungers.  Work is moving along slowly mainly due to the wet weather we have had.  All that now needs to be done when the weather improves is to lay the slabs.  So no more needing to wear flip-flops around the pool next summer.


  Just waiting for the weather to improve and the pool slabs can be laid.


Work has began converting the annex in to a third gite, we have decided to name it Les Noisetiers after all the hazelnut trees that surround us.  The gite will be fitted out with an excellent kitchen with lots of cubord space and work surfaces, along with a fridge, freezer and dishwasher and much more.  The new gite also has a lovely wood burning stove in it too for those chilly evenings.

 Work under way on the new kitchen.

 Wood burning stove for chilly evenings.


Andrew has decided to expand the vegetable plot so that we have more growing space for next year.  We are hoping to be able to grow enough vegetables so that we can give a vegetable box to our guests on arrival along with our free range eggs.

 Expansion down at the vegetable patch.


The weather has started to turn cold and we have had a few nights with frosts which meant it was an opportunity for me to go out on a frosty morning and take some photographs of our beautiful countryside on a frosty morning.


 My horse Borris showing off and keeping warm in his new rug.


  Stunning views on a cold crisp morning.


  Rolling open countryside.


Also October gave Andrew and I the opportunity to go back to england and visit his Mum and Dad in Leicestershire.  We had a fantastic week with them and it was a chance for us to have a rest and recharge our batteries after the busy season.  We enjoyed going to chatsworth house for the day and also to see the deer at Calk abbey park.  We also enjoyed filling our suitcases up on things we cant buy here and also horse stuff.

 Chatsworth house  





what else do we have planned?  Well we have a few more things planned for over the winter but for now they are a secret and I am sure they will be improvements.  So you will just have to wait for my next blog and come and have a holiday with us next year.


With only three weeks to go we are starting to turn our mind to christmas and our first one spent here at Peyrenegre,  and we are looking forward to it.  Peyrenegre feels like home now and we love it.


Hope you all enjoy reading my latest news and ill do a blog again soon.
















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