February in SW France

‘What a mild winter we’re having’ I said to Kevin earlier this year and we congratulated ourselves on how the wood stock was holding up well and we hadn’t needed an oil top up. Then as everyone knows a couple of weeks ago we woke up to the worst snow we have had in our 10 years living here. The depth of the snow plus sub zero temperatures which didn’t allow it to thaw made access in and out of Peyrenègre very difficult. The wood soon ran down and we had to have an oil delivery after all. I snuggled down near to a roaring fire and didn’t leave the house for 10 days – managing to use the chance to catch up on lots of little jobs that had been hanging around.

Our neighbour was more adventurous than me and took these lovely shots as she walked to the village for her bread.

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Meanwhile I tried out a recipe for ‘no knead bread’ ……………


……………. and kept a hat on indoors – not the prettiest images of me but it kept me warm.


But all things pass and at last the temperatures started to rise, the sun shone and the snow disappeared. I managed to get to the hairdresser at last and the dog had his annual vaccinations which had been cancelled because of the snow. Slowly we all got back to normal life.

So nothing to stop me getting to the airport today as I leave for my spring visit to see the family – can’t wait and when I get back I am sure that Spring will be here to welcome me home.

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