Something in the air

There are some smells that I can conjure up at will – the smell of my two babies when I snuggled them into me; the smell of the ocean;the smell of home made bread. I know that I will always remember springtime at Peyrenègre by imagining the intoxicating smell of the wisteria that is in full bloom at the moment – it really is one those smells you could never forget. The weather has certainly been tempting us outside and sitting in the garden reading the other evening wave after wave of this delicious perfume wafted over me.

I love this time of year when the garden comes alive again and everything looks so vibrant and exciting. The tulips shoot up their trumpet blast of colour and the peony is covered in tissue paper like blooms.

There are signs of summer colour too as the canna lilies are pushing through ready to take their turn when the irises and pansies have taken their final bow.

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