Boat Race Jelly

So Oxford win the 2011 boat race – a good result in our family as my brother graduated from St Catherine’s Oxford and my husband lived there for several years and went to the City of Oxford school for boys. So it’s dark blue all the way for us.

I have lived in Putney at the start of the boat race and in Mortlake at the end of the race and have often been along to join the boisterous supporters along the route. A friend of mine this morning quipped ‘ In these days of Sports Fixes and skullduggery…….. can someone tell me how come no-one ever looks into how Oxford and Cambridge ALWAYS gets into the final of the Boat race ???? questions need to be asked;-)’ It made me smile.

My Mum wasn’t the greatest of cooks and certainly wasn’t known for her desserts but on boat race day she made her special jelly. Here’s how to make it:

Make up a green jelly and chop it up in a bowl (that’s the Thames)
Cut a banana in half and place on jelly flat sides up one slightly in front of the other ( they are the boats)
Place cherries along the bananas ( they are the rowers)
Put a toothpick from each cherry into the jelly ( yes you’ve got it they are the oars).

Voila – boat race jelly. Somehow I don’t think it’s a recipe I will be sharing with my French friends but it’s a little memory of my Mum on Boat Race day

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