Spring is in the air

So apart from the usual signs of Spring such as longer days, blossom on the trees, flowers in the garden, what are the signs of spring for us here at Peyrenègre?

First we have to cut and store a lot less wood – the central heating comes on for a short while in the morning but already we don’t need the kitchen stove lit all day. This frees up time for getting into the garden and enjoying being in the fresh air.

No more red days! There are several electricity tariffs here in France. All of them have electricity at a cheaper rate during the night. We have a tariff called Tempo which has different coloured days throughout the year. On blue days the electricity is very cheap, on white days the normal price and on red days very expensive. The red days are usually in the winter. As our gites are closed in the winter and we don’t heat the main house in winter with electricity this is a great tariff for us. What has this to do with Spring? – well we have come to the end of the red days so that means warmer weather is on its way!

The markets are getting busier. In the winter the markets have a lot less traders and without the tourists a lot fewer customers. Now the plant sellers are back and we have learned what to plant when by looking at what they are selling. So now we will be planting ‘oignons blancs’ (a large spring onion) and of course salad crops.

An evening of theatre. Every year in the next village there is a great evening’s entertainment buy an amateur, but very ,very good theatre group. Usually a farce it is a great evening and always includes a showcase of the younger members of the group too. The hall is decorated with small tables with candles ( health and safety seems not to be considered) and on arrival small cakes are served and at the end of the evening onion soup! It takes place over 2 weekends and we will be going with friends next Saturday – can’t wait.

The gites get a spring clean. Bookings start in April so we need to take the gites out of their winter hibernation and make sure that they are ready to welcome our guests.

We open the pool The pool has been dormant during the winter months but now it’s time to take off its winter coat give it a good clean and top up the water? The pool heater goes on and from April 1st normal swimming services will be resumed.

So Spring is definitely in the air and we are looking forward to another busy season at Peyrenègre.

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