A new arrival

‘Dogs come to you’ is what Kevin told me when we first came to France and I was about to have my first dog ever – and that’s just what happened. Sally the fox terrier we lost to cancer in September, belonged to a hunter but she was just too timid for the hunt and he wanted to replace her. When he heard we were looking for a dog he was happy to give her to us along with a big bag of food. Our first dog had ‘found’ us.

Some time later we had a call from a neighbouring farm to say that their elderly dog had given birth to one puppy and he was ours for the taking. He was so small that he fit into the palm of our hands. He has grown into a lively , intelligent dog who although still very small thinks he is a doberman.

He has hated being the only dog at Peyrenègre so we decided that we would let another dog ‘find’ us. Browsing an expat forum I saw that someone had returned from a visit to the UK to find a dog abandoned on their property. The grounds were fully fenced and they were sure that she couldn’t have got in unaided. She has a very gentle nature but is very timid. The couple who found her couldn’t keep her as they already had 2 dogs but they cared for her very much and took her to the vet for treatment and a check over. We got in touch and went to see her and found a beautiful French hunting dog they had named Tia . It was ‘un coup de foudre’ (love at first sight) and so another dog had ‘found’ us.

We picked her up on Wednesday and she has been settling in well. She loves curling up with Sam in front of the fire ( he is there but it’s very difficult to take a photo of a small black dog except in the snow!)………….

……….or alongside Kevin.

8 thoughts on “A new arrival

  1. Enid

    Let’s hope so Val – we’ll certainly do our best to make her happy.

  2. Enid

    Leah she needs lots of love but I know she’ll get some from you in the summer

  3. Enid

    Thank you for leading us to her Nicola – we’ll keep you updated; Still very very timid but overcoming one thing at a time.

  4. Val Grey

    The new arrival looks gorgeous Enid, so glad she is settling in – she has obviously found the right people to look after her x

  5. Nicola from Josse

    Dear Enid and Kevin. I am so pleased that Tia is settling in so well, I miss her a lot but know it was for the best, for her. She is wonderful isn’t she. Love the pictures. Could you please let me know every now and then how she is. Thankyou again for giving her a chance, I believe she was meant to be there. Take care,
    Regards Nicola
    email: preston.gillett@googlemail.com

  6. Anonymous

    She is gorgeous and so lucky to find such a wonderful home. Well done.

  7. Jacqui

    She looks lovely and I hope you have many happy years with her. We too only started being doggy parents once we moved to France and walking in the hills around the village is one of my favourite things to do.

  8. Leah

    Hello Enid, Kevin, Sam,
    I like it very much that Tia has found you!! The pictures show me that you care for her, I hope she will be a friend like Sally. See you all in summer.
    lots of love xxxx

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