5 things we don’t provide in our holiday cottages

We are busy at the moment giving our holiday gîtes a deep spring clean and making sure that everything is perfect for the season. Everything is moved , cleaned, checked and replaced if necessary. We are proud of the standard we maintain here and are sure that our guests won’t be disappointed or have any unpleasant surprises.

When we go away we choose holiday accommodation ranging from hotel rooms to bed and breakfast to self catering lets. We do really prefer the latter as it gives us flexibility and a lot of space for our money. More and more of us choose our holiday venue and accommodation from the internet but what looks good in pictures on websites doesn’t always match with the reality. But whatever we choose there are some things I don’t want to find.

1. Mould

Cleanliness in general is a big issue for me and there is no excuse for a dirty, badly maintained property. I always check out the bathroom first when we arrive at our holiday accommodation . Refreshing the mastic around sinks and baths is very easy and there are a range of products that will help keep it sparkling white. So why do so many places,including good hotels, look like this?

The bath/shower we recently paid
€100 a night for
    Our 7 year old shower cabinet
ready for guests

2. Poor quality beds and bedding

If you own the property yourself I suggest that from time to time you sleep in your own beds. Often the mattresses are past their best and don’t get me started on pillows!. Mattress and pillow protectors are a must as these can be removed and washed and avoid your guests having the experience we recently had where pillows and mattress were badly stained. We replace any less than perfect pillows each season and supply several so people can decide for themselves how many they want to use.

Comfortable,plump,clean pillows

3. Other people’s property

I don’t want to find left over shampoo and deodorant in the bathroom or half used stock cubes in the kitchen. In self catering accommodation it is great to have basics provided in the kitchen and bathroom but these should be well presented, up to date and complete. Hotels do usually get this right and it is a treat to use the little sachets of bathroom goodies – no reason at all that self catering and B and B’s can’t do the same.

4. Nowhere comfortable to sit

Often hotel rooms fall down here but it is more disappointing when you have chosen an apartment or villa for that extra space and flexibility to find that those chairs/sofas that looked so good on the owner’s website are impossible to sit on for more than a short while without suffering possible permanent injury. Dirty furniture too gets the thumbs down. If you are an owner do spend an evening in your property and you’ll know how your clients feel.

Would you like to sit on a chair
that has no padding
    Or sink into one of our
comfy sofas

5. A miscellany of equipment

This applies mostly to self catering properties. I hate it when there is only enough crockery and glasses provided for the number of people booked – there should be at least double i.e. 8 of everything in a property for 4 people. If glasses break they should be replaced with the same item or taken away – things should match. If you rent a self catering property you probably are going to cook at some time during your stay so sharp knives and good quality pots and pans are essential.

Our experiences on our own holidays – mostly good but some bad – have helped us when furnishing and equipping our own holiday cottages here at Peyrenègre. We don’t want any of our guests to be disappointed and we are pleased that the most common feed back is that the accommodation ‘exceeded our expectations’. So as we wake the cottages up from their winter hibernation we will be making sure that everywhere is clean, fresh and well equipped ready to welcome old guests and new for the 2010 season.

4 thoughts on “5 things we don’t provide in our holiday cottages

  1. sal

    your beautiful website and blog inspire me to get better at what I do at Christopher Cottage so that my learning can inform our move abroad asap. loved talking to you and will def talk to Roberto when he is next home about visiting you my lovely friends
    Thanks for help with Tom and Anne

  2. Frenchholiday

    What an excellent article with subjects close to my heart. Bravo

    I wash pillows inbetween lets as I cannot stand pillow protectors. It is just a personal whim, but it makes me feel happy!

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