Salon du Chocolat

We came to France with the main purpose of spending more time together but of course we were happy to meet new people and make new friends. One of our friends is a member of the local Kiwanis and he suggested to Kevin that he may like to join. Never a group joiner Kevin was reluctant but I encouraged him pointing out that he would improve his french and as it was an activity just for him where he wouldn’t be able to fall back on my support. We are both so happy that he did as this has become a group of very special friends united to work to raise money to benefit children but at the same time having lots of fun together.

Last year in addition to the normal calendar of events someone suggested a ‘Salon du Chocolat’ and the idea was embraced by all. It was a huge success and last weekend we held the 2nd – exceeding the number of paid entries by 1200 to welcome 9,500 visitors to the event. Kevin is in charge of ‘La Buvette’ and I am one of his willing helpers. It is exhausting but such fun and we ended on Sunday night with all the club members and their wives sharing a meal together.

chocolate fountain Stalls
Chocolate fountains galore
A wide range of stallholders

We learned from our experiences and this year had a much bigger space for our stand – selling tea, coffee, soft drinks and beer we did a roaring trade. We kept being asked for a ‘demi’ which I think is a beer with a squirt of peach syrup in so we explained that this stand was being manned by an English couple and putting fruit juice into the beer was a crime for the British! Of course we had to sample the goods ourselves – just to show willing – my favourite was crêpes made with hazelnut flour and served with chocolate sauce – yummy

enid Buvette
Ready for the public
Full house

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