Wood – the fuel that heats you more than once!

I love our wood burning fires – the look, the smell, the cosy feeling. But nothing comes without a price and using wood means work. This is a fuel that heats you more than once.

First the wood is delivered and has to be transferred to the wood store. For the first time in years we had the abri tidy and cleared for the delivery. We take half chestnut and half oak – the chestnut is cheaper but spits so has to be used in a closed woodburner. We also have a lot of poplar as a friend of ours harvested his field last year and he only sells the trunks so all the branches were up for grabs – free wood can’t be bad
Then the wood has to be cut to size. We have a circular saw but sometimes still have to use more traditional methods to do the splitting
Wood burning stoves need their chimneys swept regularly – some people do it themselves but we prefer to use a professional so Monsieur Caudron is an annual visitor – he doesn’t leave a speck of soot behind him.
Finally we have to move the wood into the house ready for burning. So by the time we sit down in front of that cosy fire we’ve already been warmed by that wood a few times.

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